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This is the home for my Burning Man, Concert and Festival photography.

How to View the Images in 3D

Depending on your platform, the image will open as a "Parallel" Side-by-Side stereo pair or as a "Dubois" Red/Blue anaglyph. To change this mode, use the fourth item in the menu that will appear above the image. If no image appears, it is likely that your web browser is blocking javascript. Enable javascript and it should work.

Free-Viewing the Parallel Side-by-Side Images

Free-Viewing is a technique to view Side-by-Side Stereo images without any gadget at all. Remember how you learned to view "magic eye" drawings once? This is like that, but easier. Adjust the image size so that the pair of photos together are about the size of a cell phone, then try to relax your gaze to focus at a point a few inches past the screen. When you get it right, the images will fuse together and you'll see 3D (you'll get better at it with practice, you really can do this!). Basically just look at the screen with a "vacant stare."

Some people prefer to free-view not by focusing past the screen but by instead crossing their eyes. In this case, change the viewing mode to "Crosseyed".

A great tutorial of Free-Viewing is here.

VR Devices for the Parallel Side-by-Side Images

VR devices make it easier for each of your eyes to focus on the appropriate image from the parallel side-by-side image pair. They can be as cheap as a few dollars (such as Google Cardboard). Just look for "vr viewer for phone" in google shopping or amazon, etc.

One of the best such gadgets is the Owl Stereoscopic Viewer, designed by Brian May (the guitar player from Queen, who has been head of the London Stereoscopic Society). You can purchase it from the London Stereoscopic Company

Advanced Virtual Reality glasses also work for viewing these sorts of side-by-side 3D images, for example: Samsung Gear VR

Or if you have one of those cool old stereoscopes, print the photos out and put them in there or just slide your cellphone in.

Using Red/Blue 3D Glasses for the Dubois Anaglyph Images

If you have a pair of red/blue 3D glasses, set the display mode to Dubois. Depending on which side is red and which side is blue on your glasses, you may need to swap the two images by hitting the "L-R" button.

The full set of image viewing modes

Other Controls in the menu above the 3d image

High Quality Image Downloads

In the Burning Man spirit of Gifting, high quality downloads are yours for free. However these images are only for your personal use. Commerical use is absolutely prohibited. All images are copyright Joseph Perl.

You can download the images either as 3D pairs or as conventional 2D images. First view the image in the desired image mode. Then select "Download" from the pulldown Help menu above the image.

You may want to first move to the High Resolution version of the album. To do this, go to the album's thumbnails page and select "SwitchToHighRes" at the end of the list of available albums. Note that the high resolution versions can slow your browser, so switch back to medium resolution for most of your browsing (select "SwitchToMediumRes" at the end of the list of available albums).

About 3D Dreams

3D Dreams has been creating true 3D photos using Stereo Cameras for many years. Such cameras enable true 3D vision by recording two separate images, one of from the point of view of each eye. Stereo photography goes back to nearly the dawn of photography (there are stereo photographs from the US Civil War).

My stereo photo albums have been available as side-by-side images for several years on my facebook page. All of the albums on this site are available there, and I would be grateful if you tag your friends who appear in those facebook albums so they can enjoy the images.

The most recent images are taken with my custom-made digital stereo camera.
Images from January 2019 and earlier were taken with a 1960's stereo film camera.


Facebook: jiperl

All images copyright Joseph Perl.
Reuse and publication prohibited without express permission.
Commercial use absolutely positively prohibited.